Best Pizzeria 2023

The Verace Pizza Napoletana Association is launching, from 6 November 2023, the fifth edition of the 'Best AVPN Pizzeria', the worldwide contest to elect the best Verace Pizzeria of the year.

The task of electing the Best AVPN Pizzeria is entrusted to a unique technical jury composed of the Association's affiliates themselves. For the first time, therefore, the pizzeria of the year is elected by its own colleagues.

The challenge, which the genuine pizzerias are preparing to face, is characterized by an overall assessment of the premises, which must consider the dough and cooking, the selection of raw materials, the combinations, the service, and the care for the aesthetics of the premises.

Hall of Fame:
2014 "La Notizia" by Enzo Coccia
2019 "50 Kalò" by Ciro Salvo
2021 "Pizzeria da Attilio" by Attilio Bachetti
2022 "Casa De Rinaldi" owned by Salvatore and Cristiano De Rinaldi
2023 "Leggera Pizza Napoletana" by Andrè Nevoso Guidon


The True Neapolitan Pizza Association has launched, from 6 November to 5 December 2023, the fourth edition of the "BEST AVPN PIZZERIA" and pizza makers from around the world have preferred Leggera Pizza Napoletana - Winner of this edition.

Best Pizzeria 2023



The True Neapolitan Pizza Association has launched, from 7 November to 5 December 2022, the fourth edition of the "BEST AVPN PIZZERIA" and pizza makers from around the world have preferred Casa De Rinaldi - Winner of this edition.

Best Pizzeria 2022



The Member Awards and Web Awards of the Best AVPN Pizzeria 2021 were assigned. The neapolitan "Da Attilio" is the best pizzeria in the world according to the pizzaioli masters. On the podium of the popular jury: Pizzot ° (Russia), Užupio Picerija (Lithuania) and Sciantusi (Spain).
More than 70,000 online votes for the world contest of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana that has seen in competition pizzerias from 51 countries.


Best Pizzeria 2021
Best Pizzeria 2021
Best Pizzeria 2021

The Association of the “Verace” Neapolitan Pizza announces , starting from the 29th of April 2021, the third edition of the “BEST AVPN PIZZERIA”, the global contest to declare the best pizzeria “Verace” of the year.

After the victories of “La Notizia” of Enzo Coccia in 2014 and “50 Kalò” of Ciro Salvo in 2019, when the contest was a mix between the popular votes and the technical jury, we chase for the 2021 edition to revamp it and to divide the contest in order to give the right value to the voters.

  • BEST AVPN PIZZERIA – WEB AWARDS wants to involve all the pizza lovers of the 5 main continents who can vote, with their “likes”, the best AVPN PIZZERIA of the year. All the people who have an e-mail address can vote until the 28th of May his favourite pizzeria and to check the ranking online updated time after time, with the 30 pizzerias liked the most.

  • The technical jury has to declare instead the BEST AVPN PIZZERIA – MEMBER AWARDS, made up by the members of the Association as well. So for the first time the Pizzeria of the year will declared from the collegues.

The challenge that the Pizzerias “Veraci” will have, is characterized by a complexive evaluation of the Pizzeria and they will judge the dough of the pizza and the cooking , the selection of the raw materials, the combinations, the service and the estetic evaluation of the pizzeria.

Best Pizzeria 2019
“50 Kalò” di Ciro Salvo

Best Pizzeria 2014
“La Notizia” di Enzo Coccia

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